USB Type-C Authentication IP

Distinctive Benefits

  • Complete stand-alone hardware Authentication engine
  • ASN X.509 v3 certificate based client Authentication
  • Strong protection using asymmetric Authentication protocol compliant to NIST- FIPS-184-4 with P256 secp256r1 elliptic curve
  • Configurable as Authentication Initiator or Responder depending on the use case being a host or device respectively
  • Support of defensive mechanisms to avoid attacks against power (Simple Power Attack (SPA) / Differential Power Attack (DPA)), timing and side-channel attacks
  • True-Random Number Generator (TRNG) 256-bit full seed generator with an entropy value compliant to NIST SP800-90B
  • Pseudo-Random Number Generator (PRNG) compliant to NIST SP800-90A
  • Interface support for DMA access to accelerate block data transfer
  • Re-authentication supported
  • Built-in SHA-256 hardware block
  • ECC over GF(p) signature generation and verification (ECDSA)
  • Centralized Crypto controller
  • Modulo arithmetic accelerator block for performing scalar prime field operations
  • Highly optimized logic with low gate count and supports frequencies up to 50 MHz
  • Easy integration support of Authentication IP into end solutions


  • Fully Synthesizable Verilog RTL source code
  • Firmware source code
  • ASIC Synthesis constraints and scripts files
  • FPGA Synthesis constraints and scripts files
  • FPGA Development platform kit
  • Complete USB Type-C Authentication IP in GDSII including Analog TRNG
  • UVM based Verification Environment and test sequences
  • User Manual, Programming guide and Verification documents

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